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99designs - get 1000 designers working for you at the price of one project

Visual design of all kinds is a vital part of running an online business. At any point you might need ads, photos, booklets, category images, buttons, a website redesign, business cards - you name it.

For a small business, it is not always feasible to hire a full time designer. If you outsource it to an individual or even an agency, you risk a lot here too: you may probably not find an understanding of your needs at times, you might face a stubborn opinion, they may simply miss the deadline for a hundred of reasons, or they may suddenly have no competence in the area where you need help. Have you ever had to say: "Sorry, that's totally not what I expected."?

So, what do you do?

Just use the designer agency that has an access to the designers from all the world. 99designs connects you to the world's greatest community of freelancing designers and lets you hold design contests for them - on your project. It's like an unlimited source of creativity of all kinds, best talents suitable for every job, and best of all - competing for your project before you pay them. That's right, you can pay only for the result, while seeing all the possible approaches they can come up with and choosing the one you like.

So, next time you need a designer workforce, simply put up a new project on Creating an account is totally free - go get one right now.

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