Get a professional new look for your
Ecwid shopping cart in minutes.

We pack years of designer experience into our easy to install, flat-priced CSS themes.
Take CSS3, responsiveness and load speed for granted.

Quick FAQ

What are you selling?

We sell design themes for Ecwid.

Is it for a whole website?

Not exactly. It only changes how Ecwid widgets look on your website and does not change anything else. But it can make Ecwid fit your website better, which leads to more sales.

How do I pay?

We accept PayPal and credit cards. If there is any trouble, contact us - we can assess another form of payment for you.

How do I receive the theme?

Once we receive your payment, we send you a download link via email.

How do I use the theme I purchased?

Copy the whole text of the theme and paste it into Ecwid's CSS themes.

Do I need a webhosting and other mumbo-jumbo?

No, our themes do not require you to host anything. You only need an Ecwid store and our theme.

Are your themes responsive? Are they mobile ready?

Yes, just like Ecwid itself and our own store. We love mobile!

Do you design a store for me?

No, we sell ready made designs for stores, so you can get and install them in a matter of minutes and at lowest possible cost.

Take advantage with us

Basically what you get with our themes is a way to dramatically change the look of your Ecwid shop in a few minutes, without any technical knowledge. Ok, we're kidding you, in fact you really have to be an expert in copying and pasting a text and clicking some buttons. But beyond that, you get advantage of our expertise: our knowledge of every piece of Ecwid, of modern CSS technologies and tricks, and of e-commerce user experience.

Our themes are not just one-time creations: each one gets updated time after time, and existing customers get those updates for free. Creating a similar customization would take hours of designer's work, and hundreds of dollars from you if you hire a designer for that. We price our themes under $50 each. One time payment gets you an up-to-date professional look for your store.

You might still want to add some touches to your particular store after you use our theme. That's perfect - we love and support diversity! We continue to support our existing customers even if their questions are not really about our product. Get together with us!

Now, once we done with this all, lets discuss things in details.

What is Ecwid?

Ecwid is an innovative shopping cart script that can bring an online store to any web page. It has literally no requirements on the server and can be used for free for a lifetime if you want to have just a basic store. Also it easily allows for many mirrored stores, a store on Facebook and in many other unexpected places on the web.

Ecwid is offered as a service (much like Gmail or YouTube). You need to sign up for an account at Ecwid to receive your shop, control panel and the necessary embed codes. You don't receive the copy of the software itself, and that's for good - they do care of their security, integrity and backups themselves, so you don't have to.

Ecwid shopping cart is amazingly simple to use, puts no requirements on your technical skills and on your web hosting. Their pricing is also good compared against the similar services, although their functionality is unbeatable.


How do I get a theme from Thematizr?

Put the theme of your choice to cart and place your order. Free themes won't require any payment or unnecessary details from you. Once you are done with that, an email with the purchased theme will hit your inbox.

How do I install the themes I purchased?

Thematizr fell in love with Ecwid so deep that we use Ecwid itself to deliver our designs. So once you have purchased any of our themes, you get an email with the links to download themes. After you hit such a link and obtain the theme, you get a text file somewhere on your PC or Mac (doesn't matter where exactly, but remember where you save it - we cannot know that; re-download the theme if you are unsure). Open that text file with any application you've got for texts. Then select all the contents (Edit > Select all) and copy it to the clipboard.

Now comes the tricky part.

You need to sign in to the backend of your Ecwid store (the one where you manage your products and sales, typically at, then open the System settings tab on the top right and proceed to Design page there.

On the CSS Themes page you need to create a new theme (“New CSS theme” button) and simply paste the contents of the text file you received into the big text field in the middle. Then activate the theme and save your changes (big blue Save on top right);

How many stores do I get a license for?

Ideally, we would love to see everyone purchasing a copy of the theme for each store they have, but hey - Ecwid store can run in many places at once, and we know you would just forget to purchase a new copy anyway. So, reuse, reduce, recycle - we won't try to control or limit you. Please, just remember that we are trying to build our business to develop better designs for you, and you are trying to build your own business with something else that other people don't have or don't want to do. So let's respect each other.

I've got a friend who loves a theme I purchased and wants it for his store. Can just share it with him?

Please, don't! Although this won't kill a kitten or make us starve immediately, this is basically a piracy - we develop this as a product for sale and you are going to just copy it for free. How good is that? Imagine anyone getting a grab on your own products or services at no cost - you wouldn't love that, right? We've been thinking of you with warmth and care while working on our product, we are basically working to help your business. Please, respect us - we will find a way to delight you time and time again if we get this our little business going. Convince your friend to buy it too - this would be honest.

I found a bug, what do I do?

Please, let us know of what you found by replying to the purchase email. Since design is quite a visual thing, please, attach the screenshots. We will see if it can be fixed and issue an update.

I have received an email with the theme I once purchased - again! Why is that? I didn't request it for the second time.

This means that we made an update to this theme, and you (as a recent buyer of it) have received this update. Replace the contents or your CSS theme in Ecwid with this new theme (see q.2 for installation steps).

I need a customization service, how do I contact you?

Sorry, but for the time being is not offering any bespoke customization services. We are a very small team and currently we are focused on delivering more ready-to-use designs. We definitely plan to offer bespoke designs one day, but we need to grow up a little before we can actually ship that. If you need slight modifications in the themes that you purchased - contact us, we will help you with the necessary modifications.