We are a company of designers who found each other over the internet. We work remotely and organize our efforts by the means of various online services that help us a lot. Some of us have never actually seen each other. But there is a strong cause that unites us: we want to make your Ecwid store beatiful.

There was always a huge demand for design themes that could help each Ecwid store stand out from the crowd. Before Thematizr.com, day in and day out we were designing and customizing Ecwid stores of our customers to their individual requests. This turned out to be a long tedious process that not every business could afford. Naturally, a designer wants to be paid by hours, and business wants to just get the desired look and feel in no time and effort. This is a conflict where businesses crash before their first sale and designers get no payment after months of works.

Eventually we found ourselves reusing the same customizations over and over for the most successful projects. So we moved on to selling whole design themes as a product to help every project become successful.

Ecwid itself offers just 3 built-in design themes. Previously, if you wanted something else beyond those themes, you really either had to be a designer or you could hire one.

Now there's the third way with Thematizr.com: you can simply choose any look you like for your store. This is what we do - we deliver the ready-made, easy to install premium design themes for Ecwid at a low one time cost. This is your shortcut to a distinct and nice looking online store.

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